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29 Mar 2010

Budget hosting can cost your brand

by Ian Jepp

Digital marketing is a strange old world.  All too often we have clients with large corporate or retail brands coming to us for help to deliver a new or improved digital presence.  This process invariably looks at the old, giving us lesions to learn from when we create the new.  One lesson many of our customers have learnt the hard way is that they have spent considerable sums of investment on their digital presence, only to have it hosted on a very budget platform.  Often tens of thousands of pounds are spent on SEO, PPC, online and offline marketing all with the aim of driving visitors to the site, only for the problems on the hosting turning these visitors off, meaning they often don’t return or worse, take a negative view of your brand.

The suppliers of these budget shared or unmanaged environments, leverage the mystery that surrounds hosting, use massive bandwidth and disk space allocations headline figures  that draw people’s attention, but there is much more to choosing a hosting supplier than these headline figures alone.

A lot of these budget hosting suppliers will fit as many sites as possible (sometimes 100-200) onto each server regardless of the resources each site is requiring, no or little control is in place to stop one site having a detrimental effect on the other sites it is hosted alongside.  Get lucky and your brands site could be hosted on a server with 199 other sites who are only being viewed a few times a day.  Get unlucky and your site is being hosted on a server with 199 other sites all hogging the resources of the server and your web presence is now destined for slow load times, unavailability and errors.

Here at Wickedweb we can personally take on the responsibility for hosting your solution, leveraging our partnership with Rackspace to deliver top notch hosting for your site.  To deliver what really matters to our customers we look at many elements of the clients requirements including traffic requirements, chronological traffic patterns and the technical activities that site has to perform.  Only when all these metrics have be looked at will we recommend our client a hosting package.

If your brand is suffering the effects of slow or inadequate hosting please feel free to get in touch and we will help take the mystery out of hosting.

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