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28 May 2010

Analytics: Made to Measure

by Richard Lyne

Google Analytics is a wonderful thing. Firstly, it’s free. Secondly, it is a vastly powerful tool that can offer insights of ridiculous proportions (for free!).Thirdly, it’s free. However, day in day out we see this tool being under-used and quite often misunderstood.

Here at Wickedweb we want to offer a couple of insights into how you can learn more about your traffic:

1) Who is Visiting You?
Without being big brother, Analytics cannot tell you exactly who’s visiting you, but sometimes you can learn enough to identify potential customers, competitor activity and more. So how?
•    Access Analytics
•    Click the Visitors Tab on the left
•    Then click Network Properties and click Service Providers

Ok, you’re now faced with a list of Service Providers that on the whole means very little. However, occasionally there’ll be a named network that may just prove to be your next customer.

2) How did they Visit You?
You now know who’s visited, so it’s time to know how. Starting from the Service Providers page, click on the ‘Pivot’ button shown below.

Analytics Pivot Image

This now gives you the list of service providers pivoted against the different traffic sources (broken down by sites too). Now you know where a particular visit comes from. However, to know even more about this visit, especially from a marketing perspective, you can filter the information again to know the medium.

Analytics Medium

Was the visit organic or pay per click? If the visit converts, you now can attribute the conversion to a source or even a keyword.

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