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22 Apr 2014

LinkedIn 300 Million Users

LinkedIn recently announced that they have passed 300 million users, proving that the online networking platform is taking over the world, one professional at a time. 100 million LinkedIn users are from the United States, and the other 200 million reside in over 200 countries and territories; India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada making up the majority.

1 Apr 2014

Social Addiction

James Pabla, Social Media Manager explores how the rise of Social Media usage can be likened to addiction.

4 Mar 2014

Facebook to Buy WhatsApp

The digital marketing arena is alive with acronyms: SEO, PPC, CPC, CPL, API, B2B, CTR, DM – still with us? Granted, it can all be a bit overwhelming to businesses, but there’s one acronym, that’s certainly worth remembering and that’s SEO - unless you want to miss out on a slice of the pie in terms of online traffic that is.

21 Feb 2014

Facebook to Buy WhatsApp

Hot of the press in the land of Tech, is the news that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be adding to his empire by acquiring mobile messaging company WhatsApp, for a modest price of, ahem, $19bn. This makes it Facebook’s largest single acquisition in its 10 year history.

18 Feb 2014

Latest Social Main

Wickedweb investigate social media functionality that you may not have been aware of. Explore how 3 new techniques can help you boost social media presence.

17 Nov 2011

Wickedweb has had a successful year managing the digital strategy for Ella’s Kitchen, the leading global organic baby food company.  Wickedweb has been working with Ella’s Kitchen for over 2 years, and during this period have delivered a suite of global websites with locales, and digital marketing activity to support the overall annual brand plan.  Ella’s Kitchen has an exciting and ambitious brand vision, and Wickedweb’s digital activity supports key marketing objectives.   

Wickedweb has released a case study for the ‘Ella’s Friends conversion strategy’ which involves harnessing digital techniques to grow the database of Friends to the target level.  This database is then used to build engaging relationships on a sensorial level, which ultimately feeds into Ella’s Kitchen’s core objectives.

Wickedweb were responsible for conceiving and implementing a strategy that encompasses:

  • Website evolution to support the mechanics of the campaigns
  • Consumer engagement via campaigns
  • Data capture and acquisition
  • Online marketing tactics such as PPC and SEO
Ella's blog
The digital strategies executed above have played a key part in feeding into the overall marketing strategy and in particular the Friends Acquisition drive.  The website provided a key tool in support of Ella’s Kitchen marketing activity. In addition, Wickedweb have been able to drive a significant amount of registrations as a result of the digital implementation of the campaigns devised by Ella’s Kitchen.  The SEO and PPC activity has driven Friends sign ups further, in a transparent and measurable way. Wickedweb’s activity also continues to support brand awareness. 

The overall Friends acquisition results superseded expectations as we hit 150.5% of the target.   Organic search traffic has increased by a marked 56% with a strong conversion rate, with Ella’s Kitchen’s key search term achieving and maintaining 1st place in Google rankings.

For the detail on how Wickedweb achieved this for Ella’s Kitchen, please view our case study.

Client testimonial:

“Wickedweb have a very strategic approach.  They understand our business, and more specifically how to activate our overall strategy to our consumers through digital channels.  I am delighted that the results of our Friends conversion strategy has surpassed our targets, and we owe much of this success to Wickedweb and the effective digital strategies they have executed for Ella’s Kitchen”. 

Samantha Crossley – ‘Makes Friends’ – Ella’s Kitchen

31 Oct 2011

As wagamama’s global digital agency, Wickedweb collaborated on the launch of the ‘art and eat’ campaign - an innovative platform to engage wagamama customers with the UK’s up and coming art and design talent.   

wagamama were looking to roll out a national marketing and PR campaign that would achieve a number of key objectives.  At the core, wagamama’s underlying objective was to engage, excite and provide an experience for customers – whilst re-inforcing wagamama as a 'cool’ lifestyle brand among its target markets.

In addition to creating regional brand awareness and building product awareness, robust marketing objectives are in place.  The campaign needed to drive awareness, excite its audience and encourage participation.  

Wickedweb focused on achieving these KPI’s by putting brand engagement at the heart of our digital strategy.  Our strategy around the campaign’s digital execution worked to extend the in-store experiential element by driving diners online to join the ‘art and eat’ debate.  This interactive platform supported brand engagement by providing a focus for dining conversation, and looked to prompt subsequent action from them by way of competition entries and re-tweets.

wagamama art and eat

Our strategy was honed by an appreciation of wagamama’s key target audiences, as this ensured we could recommend solutions for engagement across a range of diners.

Ten national wagamama locations were chosen and one regional ’up and coming’ artist was selected per restaurant to feature their work. Wagamama worked closely with the prolific Moniker projects to source the artists. 

Wickedweb worked hard to unite the campaign messaging with digital technology, in order to evolve traditional marketing methods into an integrated 360 communications mix – positioning digital at the heart. Early results indicate our carefully considered strategy engaged the target audience and demonstrated real cut through.  Wickedweb feel the work showcased is innovative and engaging, supporting the key KPI’s. The wagamama brand has been elevated as a result, and the digital strategy seeks to rejuvenate an offline campaign into the digital sphere to maximise the longevity and awareness of the campaign / brand.

Find out what we did and read the case study here.

22 Sep 2011

Wickedweb is delighted to announce wagamama’s recent appointment as their full service digital marketing agency. Appointed after an 8-month competitive procurement process which saw 10 agencies shortlisted to 3 for the pitch presentation, Wickedweb is excited to say that work is already underway on the strategy to better engage the target audience online. 

wagamama is an award winning Japanese inspired global restaurant chain, targeting a wide range of audiences. The brand is in a strong position in the pan-Asian cuisine market, which is expected to demonstrate recovery and growth in 2012 / 2013, meaning our plans for the future will engage users just as restaurant dining expenditure returns.  Our ideas are innovative and ambitious, whilst looking to capture the brand’s Japanese influence and minimalist style, so that wagamama is positioned as the industry benchmark.

wagamama blog

Stuart Wells, Managing Director at Wickedweb comments:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the wagamama brand and team on their digital marketing.  It’s an account we really wanted to win, as the business and relationship values strongly mirrored our own, which we know leads to the best results.  We have some really ground breaking ideas that will help bring all the wagamama digital channels together, and in turn  position the brand as one at the forefront of digital within their industry sector”.

Brand engagement is everything to wagamama which resonates perfectly with us – as an agency it is at the heart of everything we do and we look forward to enhancing the digital landscape for this fantastic brand.

Ingrid Williamson – Director of Marketing at wagamama comments:

“Finding the right agency can be a challenge. You want to work with people who understand your Brand and simply ‘get it’. Wickedweb got it right from the start. We are thrilled to have appointed Wickedweb and look forward to some very exciting times ahead”. 

Wickedweb are well placed to deliver an effective digital solution.  We are drawing on robust experience in the food and drink industry with clients such as Ella’s Kitchen, and in addition can utilise our online brand engagement strategies as showcased by clients such as Gear4, Cosmetics a la Carte and The Lifehouse.  This is an exciting relationship and we look forward to engaging the wagamama audience and delivering a real brand experie

23 Aug 2011

A few of us here at Wickedweb made a beeline for the Figaro Social Media conference last week. We are glad we did – there was a fantastic line up of speakers and some real insight from brands such as the BBC, You Tube, O2, Kodak and Phones 4 U. Social media is ever-evolving, and Wickedweb were keen to discover how these brands are utilising social media – and more importantly what results are being harvested. 

What was clear from the conference is that social media strategy is driven by what we know about the customer / prospect. It is very CRM dependant, and insight is best gained by what O2 calls ‘the continual conversation’. Regular tweets from a brand are essential and much more effective in building loyalty and confidence than ad-hoc spikes of communication. O2 have a team to manage this continuous conversation with their customers, and find it gives them competitive advantage.

At the core of this is the notion that social media is all about engagement. YouTube makes an interesting point: social media is a fantastic platform for building sparks of excitement for a brand, which ultimately creates and maintains this engagement. Video is ideal for this, especially if the Facebook icon is added to the video so that this excitement can be shared.

However, the question on the audience’s lips of course is how do we actually measure engagement via social media? We came to the conclusion that KPI’s could include areas such as likes, a change in attitudes, mentions on Google, awareness, continued advocates and bloggers etc. Xbox added to this by talking about ‘media stacking’: using various social media channels for better cut through and amplification of your message – and Britmums endorsed this by saying that brands should utilise a good variety of social media channels to satisfy different consumption habits. It is good practice to establish your voice on different channels and be proactive, so that as a brand you are ready when a consumer comes searching for you in their preferred way.

But it’s not all about the number of ‘likes’ a brand has. It is far more effective to look beyond the volume and think about what you actually want to do with them. O2 were keen to impart that it is essential that a brand focuses on exactly what they would like social media to achieve at the outset. Phones 4 U look at the actual cost of a ‘like’ which is interesting and also look to put a value of the ‘like’ to the business.


Brands can only do so much – although there will be more success capitalising on social media if brands can focus and build on social equity. This is about friends looking out for each other and sharing, rather than putting the actual brand first. There is definitely the feeling that a consumer would like their voice to be heard now that they have been given a platform - and brand love is there for the taking if a company can show they will listen.

In conclusion, social media as a platform gives brands an opportunity to reveal and re-iterate different aspects of their personality. O2 suggested that companies “dip their toe in and try”, with an emphasis on managing any consumer issues as quickly as possible. 

For me the sentiment of the day came from Kodak – this brand revealed the key to their social media success is to “engage, educate, excite and evangelise”...

23 Aug 2011

Schülke are the international specialists in infection control products, hygiene, disinfection and preservation, and are a long standing client of Wickedweb.  The UK website was over - hauled by us a year ago and Wickedweb manage ongoing developments to the site and the digital strategy.  One of schülke’s key objectives is to maintain their leading position in the market by ensuring the brand engages with its audience in an innovative way.

Following the website re-brand, schülke were keen to enforce this re-positioning, increase traffic to the site and encourage repeat visits.  It was also paramount that we worked on raising awareness for the brand.  Wickedweb advised creating a members area for the main schülke website as part of the content strategy, in order to bring engagement with the audience to the fore.  In addition, a dedicated microsite for the dental portfolio was created to support a key campaign.


Our recommendation also included launching social media activity for the first time, which underpinned their data acquisition objectives.  Furthermore, Wickedweb rolled out an SEO strategy.

Find out more about the overall strategy Wickedweb implemented for schülke and how this met the client’s objectives.

Nicola Furniss, Senior Product Manager for schülke comments: 

“Wickedweb were integral to the launch of our re designed site which was intended to make us and our products and services more accessible to our customers. Wickedweb continue to support us both creatively and technically in our online activity as pioneers of infection prevention.”

6 Jun 2011

Social media is a once in a lifetime, global phenomenon and we live and breathe it here at Wickedweb. We love delivering impactful social media solutions - our strategists are always looking at fresh angles to amplify the voice of our clients so they can engage further with their customers.

We're often asked for tips on how to kick start a social media strategy so I thought I would post this blog. For those of you who are new to social media and managing it in-house, I have come across a great article by the CIPR that summarises the do's and don’ts quite nicely. I hope you find this useful...

15 Apr 2011

Google’s new ‘+1’ feature is the latest attempt at making search more social.  The basic idea is very similar to the Facebook ‘like’ button – when you like something, in this case a search result; you click the Google +1 button.  This is then visible to all your friends connected to you via your Google account. The benefit comes when you are searching for let’s say a new camera; you go to Google, type ‘digital cameras’ and click search.  As you are scrolling through the results you notice the +1 button next to because, for example, your photographer friend +1’d it previously.


Apart from the obvious benefit of having users +1 your site, if +1 catches on it would be inevitable that Google would include +1 as a ranking factor, however the question is if it catches on.

In essence I think +1 could be a really useful feature, when I am researching a product or looking for information on a particular subject it would be great to see what my friends recommend.  But my friends are not in the mindset for promoting, removing, starring or +1ing results when using Google – they just want to get to where they are going.  This has been the critical flaw in all the Google voting / result editing offerings, people don’t want to edit results, they want Google to do that for them.

Google have a shocking history when it comes to social search, remember Buzz and Wave? No? Well not surprising considering their short and uneventful lives.  We also had SearchWiki which allowed us to promote, comment on and remove results, there was also SideWiki and then stars in search for marking your favourite results – all of which have flopped.

So will Google +1 succeed and become a part of how we search?  In short, I don’t think so.  Google should stick to what it does best, providing unrivalled web search - sharing, bookmarking, voting and social features are best left to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and the like.

12 Apr 2011

For those of you involved in e-commerce, here is an interesting idea for your Facebook strategy.  Whilst there is no denying that Facebook has its place in engaging users and sharing content, this article comes from a different angle and explains that Facebook needs to be much more hard hitting.

Research shows that it’s all about the more.

Facebook blog image

Source – statistics from eConsultancy

9 Feb 2011

Our clients regularly ask us 'what is the point of social media?', or tell us 'we won't use Twitter we don't see the point.' ...

It's not all about just Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. There's a whole host of conversation taking place across the world which the image below illustrates. The key element is to grasp and understand where you audience is, and what they are saying about a brand and it's products.

Open your mind to the Conversation Prism ...

social media conversation prism 2011-02-09.jpg

28 Jan 2011

Should Barbie take back Ken

With more and more businesses discovering the value of Social Media, it truly has become child's play!

Mattel are marking the 50th anniversary of their Barbie 'accessory' Ken, with a new social media campaign, titled - "Should Barbie take Ken back?"

Now for those unaware of the turbulent relationship between the couple, it seems a new lover Blaine  challenged for Barbie's affections seven years ago, causing the couple to split after 43 years. However, following the filming of Toy Story 3, Ken is determined to win her back and is using a combination of Facebook and Twitter to send her messages and aim to win her heart.

But as silly as this may all sound, it appears to be a stroke of genius from the doll manufacturer.

For all those who grew up with Barbie and Ken as the perfect couple, the campaign seems set to pull on those nostalgic heartstrings and get you involved.

Ken has his own Facebook page and Twitter account which he regularly updates with statuses, photos, videos and more; encouraging users to offer advice on what he can do to 'woo' back Barbie and most importantly - creating discussion.

With over 25,000 'Likes' and already more than 4,500 followers on Twitter - it certainly seems that Mattel have found a hook and just goes to show how powerful a tool social media can be with a little creative thinking.

And should Barbie take Ken back? Well, it's up to you to decide!

Simply go to to cast your vote (Voting now closed)

Facebook |  Twitter | @OfficialKen

21 Dec 2010

Social networking is a phenomenon that has seen extreme growth in recent years.

The vast amount of social networking sites have been so popular and are still increasing in popularity as new functionality is created due to one simple reason; you (the user) can share information about yourself, your company and your interests instantly and can be quickly shared by others in your network.

The global reach of social media alone creates a compelling case to consider it in your company’s marketing mix. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you, then hopefully these facts will prove the prominence of adopting social media to expand your media coverage…

  • Facebook believes that 50% of active users logon every day. That means at least 175million users every 24 hours…a wide target reach don’t you think? 
  • Twitter has over 75 million accounts registered globally.
  • Wikipedia has in excess of 14 million articles, a good way for you to inform people globally and keep your name on the net.
  • There are more than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. 
  • There are now 11 million LinkedIn users across Europe. 
  • Towards the end of last year, the average number of tweets per day was over 27.3 million. 
  • The average number of tweets per hour is around 1.3m.
  • More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook advertising themselves and showcasing products.
  • Custom-built Facebook pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans. 
  • 70% of bloggers organically talk about brands on their blog. 
  • 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews. 
  • More than 80,000 websites have implemented Facebook Connect since December 2008 and more than 60million Facebook users engage with it across external sites each month. 
  • 40% of respondents click the “like” button on a company, brand or association on Facebook to receive discounts and promotions. 
  • 75% of Twitter traffic is generated from outside of
  • 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news blogs etc) are shared each month on Facebook.
    [Source: Econsultancy, Dec 2010]

The greatest advantage of social media marketing is generating exposure for your business resulting in increased traffic and building new business partnerships. The stats should have given you a good picture of the social media market and hopefully has shown you how powerful it can be if applied to your online marketing strategy.

23 Mar 2010

Social Media is a once in a lifetime phenomenon. Remember how the telephone changed the world? Course you don’t. And that’s rather my point. For the first time in over a century, a new technology has come along which changes the way we communicate and do business.

As with the dotcom boom of the nineties, the internet is awash with start-ups who think that they have the ultimate platform – be it a social network, a video sharing site, or an all-singing all-dancing blog. Some, like Twitter, will change the world. Others will sink without trace. Wicked Web pride ourselves on knowing everything that’s out there and knowing what’s a flash in the plan and what’s the next big thing.

But what’s right for one organisation, isn’t necessarily right for another – and too much is as bad as too little. To get your message across you need to be talking to the right people in the right way. My role at Wicked Web is to do just that.

I’ve been working in Social Media for 6 years. In the early days, I was lucky enough to be working for a forward thinking company who let me get on with it. But as time went by, and as “socmed” began to form the bulk of my day-to-day business,  it became increasingly obvious to me that a lot of organisations still don’t “get” social media, despite its importance.

Since then, I’ve built Youtube channels, Facebook groups, marketed through Twitter, set up online radio stations, and then found ways to make them all talk to each other. My current projects include podcasting, Facebook applications, and creating a bespoke social network for a niche client.

The fact is... social media can do a lot, and if you’re just dipping your toe in the water, it can be a bit overwhelming. I will sit down with you, cut through the jargon, and create a bespoke social media package that’s right for you.


19 Mar 2010


Who has broken into 2010 with the biggest numbers online? No prizes for guessing that Google are number 1 for Search and Facebook are number 1 for Social Networks, but do you know the figures? In a recent report published by the Nielsen company I learnt that an astounding 8,169,550,654 searches were made using the Google search engine in January 2010: that’s 3,050 searches per second! Let’s not forget Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube; at number 6 in the list with 1,261,959,101 visits in January 2010, YouTube remains the market leader for online video sharing, and with Google’s backing I can’t imagine this will be changing anytime soon.

Nielsen’s report lists the top 100 websites visited in January 2010, of which the BBC has then defined into categories. An interactive treemap of these figures can be viewed here. Most of the figures don’t seem to come as much of a surprise, and I’m glad to see that the big internet players of the 90’s are still going strong (e.g. AOL, Amazon and Yahoo!). However what did come as surprise to me was not finding MySpace in the list. Perhaps the social networking site has finally run its course? Or is being phased out by stronger competition?

It would appear out of all of the different sectors, Social Media is the fastest evolving and it will be interesting to see where everyone is positioned and how the numbers will change in next year’s report!

26 Feb 2010

Content Management System Client

Charity websites have recently started realising that their website can be a very useful way for them to increase the interaction between themselves and their supporters, both existing and prospective.  Whether it be through an online game or some other medium supporters of a charity can feel more involved than ever.

If you have signed up to sponsor an elephant there is potential for you to see ongoing photos and videos as it grows up. You can physically see the difference that you are making. With the addition of a content management system  the charities employees themselves can keep their site up to date with latest developments. Whether that be the extra funds raised after a live event has finished or the number of animals rescued that day the charity can keep in touch with its support base and let them know what their donations are being used for.

Charities such as Concern Worldwide have created facebook pages with upwards of 2,000 followers who can easily be contacted when an event is taking place and also be kept updated on any relevant issues to them. The supporters can also easily invite their friends to join and the charities message can get to more users than ever before - one of the many benefits of social media marketing. With bandwidths increasing and more efficient media being introduced the charity websites of the future will be able to keep their support base informed and donating. Videos and photos of events will let people catch up with new found friends and through instant news updates see what a difference they made. 

With increased numbers of potential supporters being contacted and through maintaining a fun, ever evolving and informative website, charities can hope to see the amount of money raised for their causes continue to increase year after year.

9 Oct 2009

Wickedweb Polictics Show

This week Wickedweb's online marketing manager was interviewed by the BBC's The Politics show. With lots of talk on the 2010 general election and how to win voters, The Politics Show was interested to talk with a leading digital marketing agency regarding social media.

Wickedweb manage a range of online marketing projects including social media engagement. With a strong focus on strategy, Wickedweb was able to advise on what works and what doesn’t on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The show will be aired at 12.00 on Sunday 11th October 2009 on BBC 1. After the show has appeared on TV the show will be available via the BBC iPlayer.

If you are interested to find out what social media can do for you please contact Wickedweb today on 0207 183 4999 or use the contact form.

19 Feb 2009

Wickedweb celebrated the new year in style, with a new account win! Beam Global Distribution, and Notorious (a Publicis company) awarded Wickedweb the contract to deliver the Teacher's 2009 digital strategy, after a competitive three-way pitch. The activity involves the development of a new website, a social media marketing campaign and online marketing, but we can't give away too much yet... enjoy a whisky on us, and watch this space... Click here to find out more.

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