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8 May 2014

Automotive Case Studies

The automotive industry is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue, with a predicted 72 million car sales predicted for 2014. Car manufacturers are literally running each other down to get a slice of the automotive pie and are forever strategizing and formulating new and creative ways to reach their desired audiences.

6 May 2014

Google AdWords Features

“It’s no longer about devices. It’s about connecting people to the content they care about, whether online, mobile sites, or on apps” – Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management for AdWords.

Nobody could easily attribute that phrase to the announcement of Google AdWords’ new features which are being rolled out over the next few months. In fact this visionary, quasi-philosophical, statement would sound more at home at the unveiling of a new world-changing product, not the announcement of some relatively small feature changes to AdWords. But that’s the nature of digital announcements – they come accompanied by such pomp and circumstance that it’s difficult to determine the potentially revolutionary advances from long-awaited ones.

1 May 2014

Neil Narain Group Account Director

Welcome to the webs newest, most wickedest (humour us), online instalment to hit your newsfeed since cats dressed as sharks started chasing ducks, whilst riding robot vacuums to the theme song of Jaws. For those long-time readers, first-time readers and sometimes readers, welcome to the ‘agency side’ of digital marketing, as we take a closer look at the award winning crack team of specialists that put the wicked in Wickedweb.

29 Apr 2014

The Road Ahead

In November 1995, Bill Gates' book The Road Ahead was published. It described a future significantly changed by the internet, which he described as a global information superhighway. However he felt the internet was just the start of the highway and not as prolific as he’d imagined, a theory that was quickly revised before publication given the critical mass the internet was gaining. Now 20 years on, we can see why.

25 Apr 2014

Days of Digital Dominance

by Stephanie Stewart / Make a Comment

Days of Digital Dominance

Since its inception, the World Wide Web has seen and survived some of the greatest technological developments of the last two decades. As the ground-breaking veritable cornucopia of information resources and services the world over, it only makes sense that the battle to be crowned king of the digital castle take place where it all began.

22 Apr 2014

LinkedIn 300 Million Users

LinkedIn recently announced that they have passed 300 million users, proving that the online networking platform is taking over the world, one professional at a time. 100 million LinkedIn users are from the United States, and the other 200 million reside in over 200 countries and territories; India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada making up the majority.

1 Apr 2014

Social Addiction

James Pabla, Social Media Manager explores how the rise of Social Media usage can be likened to addiction.

1 Nov 2012

Sennheiser - main

We’re proud to announce that we have been appointed by Sennheiser to design an interactive, industry-focused eZine. As one of the world’s leading electro-acoustic companies, Sennheiser offers a superior sound experience whether at home, on the move, on stage, or in a professional recording environment such as the studio or broadcasting industry. We’ll be working alongside Sennheiser to create a newsletter that communicates company and industry news in an engaging and interactive format for the target audience.

1 Oct 2012

10 year celebrations

This year we’re proud to be celebrating 10 years of Wickedweb, and what better way to mark the occasion than a hearty night out in Foundation Bar, Covent Garden? On Thursday evening, our London and Sevenoaks offices joined forces for an evening of drinks, dinner and dancing…

The evening was certainly one to remember, with Wickedwebers letting their hair down and dominating the dance floor with some cracking moves. Unsurprisingly, we had a few sore heads in the office on Friday!

Check out our Celebrating 10 Years of Wickedweb album on our Facebook page for a sneak-peak into the night’s events…Roll on the next 10 years, we say!

24 Sep 2012

Sweaty Betty logo

We’re proud to announce that we have been appointed by Sweaty Betty as their digital agency. As an award winning female sports-clothing retailer, we’ll be working alongside the brand to deliver an engaging, interactive solution for users, positioning Sweaty Betty as an authoritative voice in sport-fashion.

21 Sep 2012

Peter Jones Golf Day (full)


Last week, Wickedweb was invited to take part in the Peter Jones Foundation Charity Golf Day. We accepted the challenge gracefully, pulling together our strongest Wickedweb golfers before journeying to Goodwood. Our company secretary, Lynda Wells, experienced the day first hand. Here’s how she thought it went…

Despite wonderful weather, stunning scenery, buggies, all the best golfing apparel and buckets of enthusiasm, our four Wickedwebers – Senior Search Manager; Richard Lyne, Account Director; James Bradshaw, New Business Manager; Tom Sharp and myself, sadly did not gain the accolade of Top Golf Team.

We battled with wind, long grass, too many trees and the dreaded bunkers to fly the flag for Team Wickedweb. The fantastic golf course at Goodwood was too good for us and after many lost balls, huge divots out of the fairways and swearing like you’ve never heard before, we had to abandon our round and return for the festivities at Goodwood House.

What a sumptuous affair; we dined like royalty in the huge dining room surrounded by famous paintings, antique furniture and famous faces.  We may not have been particularly lucky on the golf course, but off the course our luck changed with Richard winning 2nd prize in the raffle – an iPad.

No expense was spared and at the end of the day, as various guests took off in their helicopters and Bentleys, we weaved our way back home up the M23.

Our thanks go to the Peter Jones Foundation and to our MD, Stuart Wells, for sponsoring us.

17 Sep 2012

Mandarin Stone

We’re proud to announce that we have been appointed by Mandarin Stone as their full service digital agency. As one of the largest importers and stockists of natural stone tiles in the UK, we will be working to position the company’s website as a leading e-commerce platform within the tiling industry.

17 Nov 2011

Wickedweb has had a successful year managing the digital strategy for Ella’s Kitchen, the leading global organic baby food company.  Wickedweb has been working with Ella’s Kitchen for over 2 years, and during this period have delivered a suite of global websites with locales, and digital marketing activity to support the overall annual brand plan.  Ella’s Kitchen has an exciting and ambitious brand vision, and Wickedweb’s digital activity supports key marketing objectives.   

Wickedweb has released a case study for the ‘Ella’s Friends conversion strategy’ which involves harnessing digital techniques to grow the database of Friends to the target level.  This database is then used to build engaging relationships on a sensorial level, which ultimately feeds into Ella’s Kitchen’s core objectives.

Wickedweb were responsible for conceiving and implementing a strategy that encompasses:

  • Website evolution to support the mechanics of the campaigns
  • Consumer engagement via campaigns
  • Data capture and acquisition
  • Online marketing tactics such as PPC and SEO
Ella's blog
The digital strategies executed above have played a key part in feeding into the overall marketing strategy and in particular the Friends Acquisition drive.  The website provided a key tool in support of Ella’s Kitchen marketing activity. In addition, Wickedweb have been able to drive a significant amount of registrations as a result of the digital implementation of the campaigns devised by Ella’s Kitchen.  The SEO and PPC activity has driven Friends sign ups further, in a transparent and measurable way. Wickedweb’s activity also continues to support brand awareness. 

The overall Friends acquisition results superseded expectations as we hit 150.5% of the target.   Organic search traffic has increased by a marked 56% with a strong conversion rate, with Ella’s Kitchen’s key search term achieving and maintaining 1st place in Google rankings.

For the detail on how Wickedweb achieved this for Ella’s Kitchen, please view our case study.

Client testimonial:

“Wickedweb have a very strategic approach.  They understand our business, and more specifically how to activate our overall strategy to our consumers through digital channels.  I am delighted that the results of our Friends conversion strategy has surpassed our targets, and we owe much of this success to Wickedweb and the effective digital strategies they have executed for Ella’s Kitchen”. 

Samantha Crossley – ‘Makes Friends’ – Ella’s Kitchen

31 Oct 2011

As wagamama’s global digital agency, Wickedweb collaborated on the launch of the ‘art and eat’ campaign - an innovative platform to engage wagamama customers with the UK’s up and coming art and design talent.   

wagamama were looking to roll out a national marketing and PR campaign that would achieve a number of key objectives.  At the core, wagamama’s underlying objective was to engage, excite and provide an experience for customers – whilst re-inforcing wagamama as a 'cool’ lifestyle brand among its target markets.

In addition to creating regional brand awareness and building product awareness, robust marketing objectives are in place.  The campaign needed to drive awareness, excite its audience and encourage participation.  

Wickedweb focused on achieving these KPI’s by putting brand engagement at the heart of our digital strategy.  Our strategy around the campaign’s digital execution worked to extend the in-store experiential element by driving diners online to join the ‘art and eat’ debate.  This interactive platform supported brand engagement by providing a focus for dining conversation, and looked to prompt subsequent action from them by way of competition entries and re-tweets.

wagamama art and eat

Our strategy was honed by an appreciation of wagamama’s key target audiences, as this ensured we could recommend solutions for engagement across a range of diners.

Ten national wagamama locations were chosen and one regional ’up and coming’ artist was selected per restaurant to feature their work. Wagamama worked closely with the prolific Moniker projects to source the artists. 

Wickedweb worked hard to unite the campaign messaging with digital technology, in order to evolve traditional marketing methods into an integrated 360 communications mix – positioning digital at the heart. Early results indicate our carefully considered strategy engaged the target audience and demonstrated real cut through.  Wickedweb feel the work showcased is innovative and engaging, supporting the key KPI’s. The wagamama brand has been elevated as a result, and the digital strategy seeks to rejuvenate an offline campaign into the digital sphere to maximise the longevity and awareness of the campaign / brand.

Find out what we did and read the case study here.

12 Oct 2011

Wickedweb are delighted to announce a new relationship with the e-Commerce giant and leading home shopping brand Shop Direct. Shop Direct are behind some of the UK’s best known home shopping brands, including Littlewoods, Very and Woolworths. 

Shop Direct logo

Managing Director of Wickedweb Stuart Wells comments: “We are thrilled to be working with Shop Direct and their creative team on this global website initiative, and we hope it will be the start of a long and exciting partnership.”

More information coming soon.

10 Oct 2011

Wickedweb are delighted to have been appointed to design and build The Lending Well website and also to create The Lending Well’s new brand identity, including the logo, colour palette, typeface and styling. 

The Lending Well will be a unique website offering borrowers the chance to request Payday loans, and lenders to earn a greater interest on their investment than if they were using banks.  It is unique because it will finance the Payday loan mechanic through Peer –To – Peer lending, combining the two models and offering a better interest rate for borrowers than other competitive websites on the market. Work for phase 1 of this project is already well underway.

Felicity Stone, Wickedweb’s Digital Producer comments:

“We’re really excited to work with The Lending Well and deliver a website which will ensure they stand out in what is a really competitive market. The designs we have produced are bold and full of personality. The strong creative and simple user journey will enable users to get the most out of The Lending Well offering, and a phased approach will ensure that key features are delivered early.”

Lending Well

Tim Slesinger, Director of The Lending Well says “We have been thrilled working with Wickedweb as they not only 'got' the concept of The Lending Well from the start but they have also been as excited about bringing it to market as we have.  We love the energy that they have put in to the project and the energy they have created in the site itself”.

Wickedweb are delighted to extend their experience in the financial sector having already worked with StatPro, Neteller, Hawk Finance and Prime CFD's.

6 Oct 2011

We are excited to announce that Rob will be joining the specialist creative panel for The Great Idea Escape: Best Awards 2012.  This will be chaired by Alistair Ross, Head of Ideas, Draftfcb London. Rob will be asked to judge a number of important creative awards across a range of media, along with special awards for innovation, writing, art direction, and discretionary awards for best typography, illustration, photography.

The Best Awards 2012 are seeking a mix of twelve creative experts to demonstrate that the Best Awards really do honour only the Best.  Rob’s inclusion in the panel will ensure the high standards met by previous winners continue to reflect in the quality of work chosen for the Best Awards 2012.  

Rob comments: “I am thrilled to be asked to be on the judging panel, it’s a real honour. We worked with the MAA to produce the Best Awards website and so to continue our involvement with them and the awards to help select the winners is fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing the nominations, and judging by the quality of last year’s work I think this year is going to be a real challenge singling out the winners“.


All of us at Wickedweb congratulate Rob in accepting this prestigious position – well done!

4 Oct 2011

The Best Awards champion the very finest in cutting edge integrated and inspiring marketing agency work produced by the UK's top creative agency talent. Organised by the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA), there are various entry categories which reflect break-through innovation, results and creative diversity. 



For the first time in the history of the awards the entry and judging processes will be handled entirely online. To accomplish this, Wickedweb were tasked with creating a dedicated awards entry site. Designed to tie in with the overall creative concept of the campaign realised by DraftFCB, the site allows users to create and manage their own account giving them the ability to submit their best work for consideration in one of the 33 categories on offer. During the judging stages of the competition, judges will be able to view and score entries online whilst the site plays host to shortlisted entries.

Stuart Wells, Managing Director of Wickedweb said: ‘We’re thrilled that we could be involved with the MAA and the Best Awards. The creative concept is really strong with real core values behind it that both agency and clients can relate to. The website itself has been created to allow almost the entire awards entry and judging process to take place digitally, in a smooth, intuitive user journey. A great collaborative piece of work between the partners involved.’

We at Wickedweb have thoroughly enjoyed working on the project, pulling out all the stops to deliver what we truly believe to be a great product. An awards entry website has massive potential to be mundane and boring but we think our solution proves that form filling can actually be quite fun!

Scott Knox, Managing Director of MAA says: ‘Wickedweb have done an outstanding job in creating an intuitive simple experience as an online application for the Best Awards, which is a very complex project.  As our first foray into online entry applications it has been both challenging and exciting and we hope everyone will find it so much more straightforward to enter.’

The deadline for submissions is fast approaching so get busy all you agency types out there!


22 Sep 2011

Wickedweb is delighted to announce wagamama’s recent appointment as their full service digital marketing agency. Appointed after an 8-month competitive procurement process which saw 10 agencies shortlisted to 3 for the pitch presentation, Wickedweb is excited to say that work is already underway on the strategy to better engage the target audience online. 

wagamama is an award winning Japanese inspired global restaurant chain, targeting a wide range of audiences. The brand is in a strong position in the pan-Asian cuisine market, which is expected to demonstrate recovery and growth in 2012 / 2013, meaning our plans for the future will engage users just as restaurant dining expenditure returns.  Our ideas are innovative and ambitious, whilst looking to capture the brand’s Japanese influence and minimalist style, so that wagamama is positioned as the industry benchmark.

wagamama blog

Stuart Wells, Managing Director at Wickedweb comments:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the wagamama brand and team on their digital marketing.  It’s an account we really wanted to win, as the business and relationship values strongly mirrored our own, which we know leads to the best results.  We have some really ground breaking ideas that will help bring all the wagamama digital channels together, and in turn  position the brand as one at the forefront of digital within their industry sector”.

Brand engagement is everything to wagamama which resonates perfectly with us – as an agency it is at the heart of everything we do and we look forward to enhancing the digital landscape for this fantastic brand.

Ingrid Williamson – Director of Marketing at wagamama comments:

“Finding the right agency can be a challenge. You want to work with people who understand your Brand and simply ‘get it’. Wickedweb got it right from the start. We are thrilled to have appointed Wickedweb and look forward to some very exciting times ahead”. 

Wickedweb are well placed to deliver an effective digital solution.  We are drawing on robust experience in the food and drink industry with clients such as Ella’s Kitchen, and in addition can utilise our online brand engagement strategies as showcased by clients such as Gear4, Cosmetics a la Carte and The Lifehouse.  This is an exciting relationship and we look forward to engaging the wagamama audience and delivering a real brand experie

19 Sep 2011

The Challenge

Wickedweb Shine team

We have a team of seven active Wickedwebbers who will be carrying their lanterns through the streets of London in support of Cancer Research UK’s Shine event on the 1st October.  The challenge starts at 11:30pm and will continue through the night until we have finished the half marathon distance of 13.1 miles.

The Team

The team participating will be Niki Duggan, Sue Akam, Lynda Wells, Katy Gasson, Nicole Tingley, Chris Reid and Steve Coventry. 

Each team member has a target of £150 to fundraise and you can click on the individual thumbnails below to help support their campaign - who will raise the most?

Shine_Lynda-wells  Shine_Niki-Duggan  Shine_Sue-Akam 

Lynda Wells

Niki Duggan

Sue Akam

Shine_KatyGasson Shine_Nicole-Tingley Shine_Chris-Reid

Katy Gasson

Nicole Tingley

Chris Reid


Stephen Coventry


Wickedweb are an approved digital supplier for CR-UK and we hope that you might be willing to show your support for our awe-inspiring client.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the Cancer Research UK and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer.

Thank you for supporting Wickedweb and CRUK, we really appreciate it.  With two weeks to go, we are getting some practice in and will let you know how we are getting on.

Wish us luck!

Learn more about the Shine event.

16 Sep 2011
  The WMA Award is in its 15th year – and this year’s competition saw more than 2,000 entries from 45 countries in 96 industry categories.

We entered our client Gear4 to showcase a brand led e-Commerce website with an exceptional user experience.  The judges reviewed the site against 7 criteria: design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use.  Our scoring came back as above the industry and WebAward averages, resulting in the Standard of Excellence accolade. 

Gear4 Award image

Creating awareness of Gear4’s innovative technology was fundamental and Wickedweb mirrored this in the design and functionality of the site.  The Product Showcase area is a testament to this, using Flash and Javascript (for non Flash enabled devices) for an engaging user interface.  As a result, the user can interact with Gear4’s products via the website.  The UnityRemote product is a good example of how the website achieved this.  One of the judges for this year’s competition commented “The site interaction with the UnityRemote is fabulous”. 

Congratulations to our client and to the team here at Wickedweb.  Recognition in particular is given to Kalli Daffin, Nicole Tingley, James Saunders, Billy Harvey, Steve Coventry and Rob King.

To review the Gear4 case study in more detail click here

To find  out more about the award click here

12 Sep 2011

At the end of August Google announced the introduction of Multi-Channel Funnels, with a promise to uncover “untapped opportunities in your conversion path”.  In real terms, what does this update actually mean for online marketers? Quite a lot really.

Digital marketing has always been more measurable than its offline counterparts, though it would be untrue to claim that we could attribute fully the source of a conversion or sale. This is because analytics packages like Google Analytics record a conversion based on the last interaction. However, there is often more than one interaction from more than one source before a sale/conversion is completed.

Multi-Channel Funnels remedy this problem by being able to distinguish between assisted and un-assisted conversions and by demonstrating the paths that users took on their way to converting:

Google Multi-Funnel

Based on the above, we can now understand how each channel or source typically supports the others and how many conversions is the result of an assist. Hugo Boss took part in the pilot for this feature, learning that nearly 2 out of 3 online sales involved multiple touch points.
One of the key features, however, is the ability to create custom channel groupings – from an SEO and PPC perspective, this will act as an additional measure to see how they may complement the other. It has long been known that PPC traffic often leads to organic visits and conversions (or how keyword searches have had brand-based secondary visits and conversions) – this feature should bring this to life.
One thing that Multi-Channel Funnels can’t remedy is the use of multiple devices – these days web users move from desktops to smart phones and back before they complete a transaction, so we will forever be in the dark on this one. However, this really is a welcome addition to Google Analytics and we at Wickedweb look forward to using it across our clients’ multi-channel campaigns. 
6 Sep 2011

Wickedweb would like to say welcome to Felicity Stone, who joins our growing team of Web Producers!  

Felicity brings a wealth of experience to us including 4 years in development for companies such as Schlumberger where she built intranet sites, and a role at Digiterre developing a bespoke CMS for MergerMarket.



In addition, Felicity has worked as a Project Manager for 5 years for organisations such as Solid State Group, building websites for charities such as Amnesty International, Cityscape and GFI.

At Aston University, Felicity studied a BSc in Human Psychology with a final year dissertation in Human Computer Interaction.  At Greenwich University, Felicity studied an MSc in Computing and Information Systems with a dissertation in Web and CMS technologies.

Felicity will be an integral part of the B2B client services team here at Wickedweb, and will be utilising her expertise for clients such as Law Debenture, Lending Well, EC Harris and StatPro.

In her spare time, Felicity enjoys watching films especially sci-fi and thrillers and we found out that she also has a pet tortoise called Fernando who is over 30 years old! Awww....

1 Sep 2011

Wickedweb have recently joined CRUK’s team of suppliers to provide a range of digital services.  We are working on lots of exciting projects to drive donations for this awe-inspiring charity, and look forward to rolling out the activity planned over the coming months.

We have started our relationship with CRUK by working with them on the Shine 2011 campaign.  This inspiring event is a night-time walking marathon through your chosen city, to raise funds for Cancer Research.  This event is in its 2nd year and fundraisers can choose one of 12 cancers they would like to donate their funds to.  Participants are asked to ‘shine’ through their city route with glow sticks and can walk either a half or full marathon.

Wickedweb have created a portfolio of Flash banners for the CRUK website and third party websites. The call to action here is to click through to the Shine microsite and drive entries to the event.  

CRUK announcement


The Wickedweb team are proud to be entering this event – with more details coming soon.  We are in full support of this incredible cause and would encourage you to enter here.

In addition, Wickedweb has created banners in support of the new TV ad campaign which went live on the 18th July.  The CRUK homepage banner has been updated to raise awareness and support this campaign, with a view to driving uplift in donations.  Look out for these banners and show your support for their life-changing work....

23 Aug 2011

Back in May, Wickedweb announced that our client Bluefin Solutions won the Interactive Media Award 'Best in Class' award for the B2B category. We are delighted that due to the strength of our rating for this website, the Interactive Media Awards have subsequently awarded the Best in Class award for the Consulting category this quarter as well.




The Best in Class Award is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards and we are thrilled that the Bluefin Solutions website has now won this across two categories.

Congratulations once again to our client and the talented team here at Wickedweb. Special thanks to Neil Narain, Niki Duggan, Lawrence Wagerfield, James Saunders, Rob Hollander, Steve Coventry and Ian Jepp.

See previous award announcement.

23 Aug 2011

Smart Insights have just published an interesting article for multi-channel marketers. The results of the research suggest that online advertising campaigns are enhanced when the email marketing channel is added.


Read full article here

23 Aug 2011

Wickedweb are the lead digital marketing agency for The Lifehouse spa, and we have had an exciting time working on their website launch and full technical systems integration.   


The Lifehouse case study focuses on an interesting challenge: the marriage of brand positioning, technical consultancy and creative execution.  There were a range of objectives that needed to be considered as part of the brief spanning functional, business and creative requirements.  The solution executed by Wickedweb weaves these together.  In addition, The Lifehouse spa was not visible online. At the start of our work there were no keyword listings and little brand awareness beyond their name. Therefore, an SEO strategy was implemented to turn this around. 

This has been a successful case study and the results showcase the impact of the website and the SEO strategy.  Want to find out more? Read on to discover how we did it

Stacey Hedges, Marketing Manager at Lifehouse comments:

"Wickedweb have provided us with invaluable support, guidance and creatively in launching the website. The team have been a true extension to the marketing department and play an integral role in the development and evolvement of the site. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them and we look forward to continue to drive traffic to the site and future developments"

23 Aug 2011

The DADI's (The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries) recognise and reward digital excellence. Wickedweb are thrilled that our client Ella’s Kitchen has been shortlisted as one of five nominees in the business to consumer category.


The digital strategy around our recent work with Ella’s Kitchen is now under review with the DADI judging panel, and we look forward to the Awards ceremony in Leeds when the results will be revealed in November.  

Congratulations to all involved on getting this far!

More details on the nominations can be found here

23 Aug 2011

A few of us here at Wickedweb made a beeline for the Figaro Social Media conference last week. We are glad we did – there was a fantastic line up of speakers and some real insight from brands such as the BBC, You Tube, O2, Kodak and Phones 4 U. Social media is ever-evolving, and Wickedweb were keen to discover how these brands are utilising social media – and more importantly what results are being harvested. 

What was clear from the conference is that social media strategy is driven by what we know about the customer / prospect. It is very CRM dependant, and insight is best gained by what O2 calls ‘the continual conversation’. Regular tweets from a brand are essential and much more effective in building loyalty and confidence than ad-hoc spikes of communication. O2 have a team to manage this continuous conversation with their customers, and find it gives them competitive advantage.

At the core of this is the notion that social media is all about engagement. YouTube makes an interesting point: social media is a fantastic platform for building sparks of excitement for a brand, which ultimately creates and maintains this engagement. Video is ideal for this, especially if the Facebook icon is added to the video so that this excitement can be shared.

However, the question on the audience’s lips of course is how do we actually measure engagement via social media? We came to the conclusion that KPI’s could include areas such as likes, a change in attitudes, mentions on Google, awareness, continued advocates and bloggers etc. Xbox added to this by talking about ‘media stacking’: using various social media channels for better cut through and amplification of your message – and Britmums endorsed this by saying that brands should utilise a good variety of social media channels to satisfy different consumption habits. It is good practice to establish your voice on different channels and be proactive, so that as a brand you are ready when a consumer comes searching for you in their preferred way.

But it’s not all about the number of ‘likes’ a brand has. It is far more effective to look beyond the volume and think about what you actually want to do with them. O2 were keen to impart that it is essential that a brand focuses on exactly what they would like social media to achieve at the outset. Phones 4 U look at the actual cost of a ‘like’ which is interesting and also look to put a value of the ‘like’ to the business.


Brands can only do so much – although there will be more success capitalising on social media if brands can focus and build on social equity. This is about friends looking out for each other and sharing, rather than putting the actual brand first. There is definitely the feeling that a consumer would like their voice to be heard now that they have been given a platform - and brand love is there for the taking if a company can show they will listen.

In conclusion, social media as a platform gives brands an opportunity to reveal and re-iterate different aspects of their personality. O2 suggested that companies “dip their toe in and try”, with an emphasis on managing any consumer issues as quickly as possible. 

For me the sentiment of the day came from Kodak – this brand revealed the key to their social media success is to “engage, educate, excite and evangelise”...

23 Aug 2011

Schülke are the international specialists in infection control products, hygiene, disinfection and preservation, and are a long standing client of Wickedweb.  The UK website was over - hauled by us a year ago and Wickedweb manage ongoing developments to the site and the digital strategy.  One of schülke’s key objectives is to maintain their leading position in the market by ensuring the brand engages with its audience in an innovative way.

Following the website re-brand, schülke were keen to enforce this re-positioning, increase traffic to the site and encourage repeat visits.  It was also paramount that we worked on raising awareness for the brand.  Wickedweb advised creating a members area for the main schülke website as part of the content strategy, in order to bring engagement with the audience to the fore.  In addition, a dedicated microsite for the dental portfolio was created to support a key campaign.


Our recommendation also included launching social media activity for the first time, which underpinned their data acquisition objectives.  Furthermore, Wickedweb rolled out an SEO strategy.

Find out more about the overall strategy Wickedweb implemented for schülke and how this met the client’s objectives.

Nicola Furniss, Senior Product Manager for schülke comments: 

“Wickedweb were integral to the launch of our re designed site which was intended to make us and our products and services more accessible to our customers. Wickedweb continue to support us both creatively and technically in our online activity as pioneers of infection prevention.”

23 Aug 2011

With our continued expansion, we welcome Chris Reid to the Wickedweb team. Chris brings extensive digital experience to Wickedweb. With both project management and front end development skills, Chris is ideally placed to hit the ground running in our busy studio.


Chris joins our existing talented development team and will work across our varied client portfolio.  As well as creative flair and a meticulous attention to detail, Chris also has a penchant for cycling to work – 30 miles a day with hills no less!  That makes some of us here feel quite...well... lazy.

Welcome to the family.

23 Aug 2011

Wickedweb are pleased to announce we are the agency of choice for Gillingham Football Club, and look forward to delivering a suite of digital services across the Club’s portfolio.


We have recently won the opportunity to deliver a range of websites for the Club, and will begin with the brand identity for Priestfield – the club's conference & banqueting facility. The brand strategy work will roll out into the design and build of the new website for the largest purpose-built venue of its kind in the south-east. 

In addition, Wickedweb will also execute development work on two further websites for charities supported by the Club in order to raise awareness and funds.  More details will follow.

We will also be developing a new approach and image for the Club’s online merchandising site.

Following the website builds, Wickedweb will conceive the digital media strategy to take the websites to the next level, and will begin with traffic driving initiatives via SEO and Social Media.

Murray Evans, Marketing Manager for Gillingham Football Club, said: “We searched for a partner who could deliver a range of innovative ideas and solutions for several very different needs. We have started with our conference and banqueting business, because it is crucial to the company's success off the pitch, and we look forward to working with Wickedweb on this and our other digital projects in the foreseeable future.“ 

Wickedweb adds Gillingham Football Club to our existing sporting credentials which include a global strategy, design and build project for Mitre International, a microsite for the Rugby World Cup in conjunction with The Telegraph and a website for Ben Garner, a top ranked squash player.

11 Aug 2011

Wickedweb are delighted with our latest award win for client Cosmetics à la Carte – the IMA Outstanding Achievement Award for the ‘Beauty / Cosmetics’ category.  There were 56 entries submitted for this category this quarter, and so we are proud to receive an award that is extremely challenging to win.


The website for Cosmetics à la Carte excelled in all areas of the judging criteria and represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.  The criteria Wickedweb are judged on includes design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance and these scored very highly.

Congratulations not only to our client, but the talented team here at Wickedweb - in particular Kalli Daffin, Rob Hollander, Steve Coventry, Ian Jepp, David Pook, Lazlo Sike, Rob King, Mark Townsend and Billy Harvey.

If you would like more information on this project then click here to view the case study.  Alternatively, give us a call to find out more.

29 Jun 2011

Wickedweb have a lot of clients in the retail sector and so we keep a keen eye on the industry - in particular M-commerce as this is the topic we are being asked about regularly. With Mobile strategies coming to the fore, our focus has been on planning M-commerce initiatives for our clients, and so it was interesting to come across this article published on the Econsultancy website recently.


e-Digital Research has recently undertaken an M-Commerce benchmark study which uses mystery shopper surveys to assess the customer experience for websites viewed on smartphones.  ASOS has come out top, narrowly beating M&S which will no doubt inspire other retailers to look at how effective their M-Commerce actually is.

Although it has been criticised in part, there is a key point to take away from e-Digital’s Research study: it is imperative that retailers are focusing on optimising their website for mobile as this is an area that continues to evolve rapidly.  Wickedweb are advocates in implementing a usability study at the outset of a build for our retail clients, to consider how M-Commerce will be addressed and executed. It is essential that the design rendered on a smartphone is simple, along with the navigation. ASOS have scored highly on the product pages where information including price is clear.  

It’s not good enough now to merely have an M-Commerce presence – the solution has to be carefully thought through and tested in order to provide the best possible user experience for the customer and ultimately the most hard hitting conversion rates for the retailer…

(Source E-consultancy)

For more details click here
29 Jun 2011

We are delighted to welcome Riley Consulting to Wickedweb as a new client -  a leading UK construction and property consultancy with over 100 years experience in the market.


Wickedweb have won the opportunity to focus on the design and build of the Group’s nine websites.  Following delivery, our approach will be to launch Riley Consulting’s digital marketing strategy which we are confident will take the websites to the next level.

Our focus will be to build awareness of Riley Consulting and its affiliated brands within the construction industry.  The key objective will be to build on their excellent position in the market by showcasing the Group’s specialised services to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Account Director Neil Narain comments “We are looking forward to optimising the brand and are driven to deliver a customer centric solution.  It is essential that we engage the individual audiences, and the feature rich content we have planned will look to deliver this”.

Wickedweb have built up a solid reputation for delivering digital projects in the B2B sector, including clients such as EC Harris and our award winning work for Bluefin Solutions.  We are perfectly placed to deliver a large scale web design and build project for Riley Consulting, with a design led approach.  Furthermore, our solid experience across numerous CMS platforms has enabled us to identify moving forward with Umbraco as the CMS of choice.

This project launches in the Autumn 2011.

29 Jun 2011

Wickedweb are pleased to add a further Content Management System platform to our portfolio as we are awarded partner status for Kentico.


The Kentico CMS is a .NET solution, and as a Microsoft Partner we are extremely well placed to implement websites on this platform.

Our clients will find this scalable, and with 30 modules it offers vast functionality.  The user friendly interface is a key feature of this CMS.  Kentico can be implemented across corporate sites, extranets, intranets, community sites and e-commerce.

For more information, call Anna Dixon on 0207 183 4999.

29 Jun 2011

We are delighted to welcome ITE Exhibitions to Wickedweb.   We were shortlisted and subsequently won the fantastic opportunity to deliver design and website build services for ITE Exhibitions; the organiser of over 180 leading international events a year. 


Stuart Wells, Wickedweb’s MD says “I have no doubt the Wickedweb team will take one of ITE Exhibitions leading brands to an exciting new level.  We will confidently deliver a website that showcases why ITE Exhibitions is deserving of its coveted position in the industry”.

Wickedweb have built up a solid reputation for delivering digital projects in the exhibitions sector, including clients such as Internet World, The Destinations Show, The Vitality Show, London and Southampton Boat Shows and our work with Closer Still Media.  Furthermore, our award winning work in the B2B industry means we are perfectly placed to deliver a hard hitting digital solution for ITE Exhibitions.  

As the project unravels, Wickedweb will be focusing on the key objectives of the new website; to increase visitor registrations, sales leads and overall traffic.  This will be achieved in a number of ways including championing the brand vision, implementing usability studies to determine optimum user journeys and delivering strong message hierarchies.  This site will launch in the Autumn and so watch this space...

6 Jun 2011

The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) was conceived to provide brand owners with a resource to find the right marketing suppliers. This can be a difficult process, and this roster provides a reliable and independent list of agencies and suppliers to enable companies to make an informed choice. Wickedweb are delighted to have made it onto this Register.

Rar - Recommended Agency Roster2

How does it work?

Working with Carynx Group, RAR have developed an algorithm to rate suppliers. This is made up of up-to-date market insights which are coupled with comprehensive ratings from clients. This gives a unique picture of the level of satisfaction that each supplier achieves, and does a lot of the due diligence 'ground work'.

Wickedweb would like to say a big thank you to our clients for participating in this process with us, and for the fabulous testimonials!

6 Jun 2011

Our trip to Sitecore's London office provided great insight into their critically acclaimed product. The trip also left our egos fully-bloated, as we departed on Friday being the only qualifying delegates on the entire course. Bragging rights aside, here's what we really thought:

Our first impression was the user interface, and how it resembled nothing we had ever seen before (in a good way). When in full-screen mode the experience was analogous to a remote-desktop session; the interface had in fact been modeled so strongly around Windows that it even had a 'Start' button. At one point I actually found myself trying to shutdown via Sitecore, but then sanity settled in.

We were also very impressed with 'sublayouts': a feature which allows users to add both content and structure into a page. Each sublayout may in-turn have additional sublayouts placed within it, and so on. This concept overcomes a problem present in many other CMSs, whereby developers have to be involved when new layouts are required.

Sitecore Lawrence blog

On a more technical note, it's worth mentioning that the application's architecture is highly generic, although probably more so than you'd actually want. Simply put, the core architecture has few known truths: everything is an object, objects sit in a tree, ...and that's about it. There is no strict concept of types or constraints, which sits in contrast to more statically-typed systems like Umbraco. The CMS is in fact so dynamic that most of Sitecore is actually written on Sitecore (think Inception).

Whilst my colleague and I both concurred this is very clever, we also agreed it isn't necessarily smart. You have to ask: How dynamic is too dynamic?  In the realms of enterprise application architecture, we need to make strong assertions about the state of a system to reduce the likelihood of errors. This is difficult with systems which are too dynamic, so it's going to be difficult with Sitecore. The oddity here is that the languages used to interface with Sitecore are statically-typed, but Sitecore's API promotes dynamic-typing: thus leaving us with two conflicting principals. There's almost a contradiction with how Sitecore claims to devote themselves to Microsoft technologies, but avert from embracing the statically-typed nature of their key languages.

However, for all of the following merits I'm willing to overlook this slight complexity, so let us conclude with the pros:

  • Frequent upgrades. Sitecore has a fast-paced development team whom appear to concentrate most of their efforts into new functionality; a refreshing change from overly-cautious vendors. That said, we did notice several bugs in Beta, so let’s just hope they have regression testing nailed for RTM.
  • Lively community. Despite being a commercial CMS, Sitecore has a sizeable following of users who are willing to share their code for free.
  • Outstanding user interface. Because Sitecore's GUI was written on XAML, the interface has an uncanny resemblance to Microsoft Windows. 
  • Incredibly flexible layouts. Sitecore allows you to modify pages quite significantly without having to consult a developer. The whole process is very intuitive as changes can be performed in-situ. 
  • Support for Windows Azure. Sitecore informed us that considerable time was spent at the Microsoft Campus to integrate with this behemoth; a great example of their strong relationship with the software giant. 
  • Loads of generic CMS functionality: most of it useful (e.g. workflow), but with the odd 'peer-pressure' feature thrown in for good measure (e.g. Office integration - don't get me started).

All in all a fantastic CMS which is unparalleled to anything we've ever seen. Here's to innovation.

6 Jun 2011

And there isn't a chocolate chip in sight!

The law is changing on the 26th May - and companies need to be ready for this new European e-Privacy directive.

"Explicit consent" must be sought from a web user who is being tracked via "cookies". Website owners use cookies to track their visitors; for example to target the serving of ads more effectively, or simply to give regular users to a site the ability to navigate more quickly by saving user preferences.

The change in law will require companies to figure out how they are going to get this explicit consent when a user hits their website. However this may take some time to work through, and the demands of the directive may certainly compromise a user journey.

Wickedweb's Technical Director Ian Jepp says "The responsibility ultimately falls on the website owner and so it would be essential to contact your legal department for a full understanding of what is under review in this directive. Best practice is to conform where necessary, and Wickedweb have set an agenda to look at this for all future projects".

Full details from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) can be viewed here.

6 Jun 2011

Wickedweb are very proud to announce our most recent award win today – the IMA Best in Class Award for the Business to Business category.

The Bluefin Solutions website has successfully passed the comprehensive judging process achieving very high marks. In fact we scored 486 out of 500 in their scoring system demonstrating an outstanding win. The website was judged against the following criteria: design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance.

Bluefin award blog image

The Best in Class Award is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards and we beat all other 96 entries for this category.  It has a deserved place in our Awards cabinet!

Well done to the fantastic team here at Wickedweb. Special thanks to Neil Narain, Niki Duggan, Lawrence Wagerfield, James Saunders, Rob Hollander, Steve Coventry and Ian Jepp.

6 Jun 2011

Wickedweb decided not to exhibit this year, but a few of us attended the event this week to uncover what's unravelling in the digital world.

Our quest was to uncover more about Mobile, as this is certainly an area that we are continually asked about by clients. And we weren't disappointed, as Mobile was definitely the word on everyone's lips.

There was a plethora of cutting edge Mobile technology suppliers to talk to, and the seminar on Tuesday around sharpening up your mobile strategy to maximise ROI was well received by us Wickedwebber's. It certainly gave us lots of food for thought, which we will be ploughing back into our brainstorming sessions for clients.

If you'd like to hear more about how we can help with your Mobile strategies then give us a call - 0207 183 4999

Internet World blog
6 Jun 2011

Social media is a once in a lifetime, global phenomenon and we live and breathe it here at Wickedweb. We love delivering impactful social media solutions - our strategists are always looking at fresh angles to amplify the voice of our clients so they can engage further with their customers.

We're often asked for tips on how to kick start a social media strategy so I thought I would post this blog. For those of you who are new to social media and managing it in-house, I have come across a great article by the CIPR that summarises the do's and don’ts quite nicely. I hope you find this useful...

20 Apr 2011

Google have recently rolled out a new update which they are calling Panda. The update aims to tackle, in Google’s own words, “sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful”.  So what constitutes a low-value site?  Well here are some examples:

• Sites that mass produce content, sometimes even copying text from external sites or using computers to auto generate it (know as content farming – hence the ‘farmer’ update).  These sites offer little in the way of value or authority on a subject and make a profit from small amounts of revenue from a vast array of pages and subjects.  Examples include or

• Sites that have lots of ads.  Adverts are a natural part of the web but Google is trying to de-value those sites that just bombard you with ads rather than providing a useful and informative browsing experience.

• Sites that users don’t like to visit.  This is a hard one to track but Google doesn’t want to show sites that users just don’t want to spend time on, which points to the fact that the site is low-quality.
So what happens if a site is deemed low-value by Google?  Well any sites ‘caught’ will simply drop down in the search results for the queries it ranked for.  Below is a chart created by Sistrix based on’s rankings before and after the update.


There is a clear shift in rankings from a fairly even spread of rankings across pages 1 – 10 pre Panda, to post Panda where the majority of rankings are on page 7 – 10.

Naturally the next questions you will have are will I be affected and what can I do to avoid being de-valued?  Even though this is a relatively large update, unless you are copying content, spamming users with ads or have thousands of pages with no one visiting them, then you probably won’t be affected.  That said there are stories of legitimate sites loosing rankings as a result of the update so it’s a good idea to take precautions.

Content is King – This one may be slightly obvious, but if Google is de-valuing sites that copy or auto generates content then write unique, useful and valuable content.  Be a source of information about the subject you want to rank for, this has always been a primary SEO tactic and one that Google’s Matt Cutts has always recommended.  Not only will it avoid your site falling in the low-value category but it will help your rankings and attract visits.

Ads Come Second – In line with content is king, make your adverts secondary to the content of the page whether it be the amount of ads, positioning or size.  It is easy to improve ad revenue by making ads bigger, more central or simply by increasing the number of ads on a page but users come to the site for the content not to browse the ads.  Make your content the primary feature of each page, whether is text content, a video or images.

Interaction – Get your visitors interacting with the site; make it easy to use and nice to look at.  Allow for user generated content such as comments on blog posts.  Link up with Facebook and Twitter and interact via social media to get a community feel to your site.  Let Google see that users like to spend time on the site and are willing to interact via comments or Facebook.  Below is a screenshot from an SEOMoz blog post, SEOMoz are excellent at user interaction and building community.


The recurring theme is to simply make your site better.  Give it more value, make it easier to use, be a source of information, a community and an authority within your industry.  These are the qualities Google are looking to reward with premium positions.

Personally I think the update is a step in the right direction for Google, it was becoming too easy for websites that had no real user value to rank competitively.  Sites that where genuinely useful and informative were being out ranked and this update has addressed that issue.  I have no doubt that there will be a new and inventive way to pollute search results but Google will of course complete the cycle by bringing out another update to tackle whatever that might be.

15 Apr 2011

Google’s new ‘+1’ feature is the latest attempt at making search more social.  The basic idea is very similar to the Facebook ‘like’ button – when you like something, in this case a search result; you click the Google +1 button.  This is then visible to all your friends connected to you via your Google account. The benefit comes when you are searching for let’s say a new camera; you go to Google, type ‘digital cameras’ and click search.  As you are scrolling through the results you notice the +1 button next to because, for example, your photographer friend +1’d it previously.


Apart from the obvious benefit of having users +1 your site, if +1 catches on it would be inevitable that Google would include +1 as a ranking factor, however the question is if it catches on.

In essence I think +1 could be a really useful feature, when I am researching a product or looking for information on a particular subject it would be great to see what my friends recommend.  But my friends are not in the mindset for promoting, removing, starring or +1ing results when using Google – they just want to get to where they are going.  This has been the critical flaw in all the Google voting / result editing offerings, people don’t want to edit results, they want Google to do that for them.

Google have a shocking history when it comes to social search, remember Buzz and Wave? No? Well not surprising considering their short and uneventful lives.  We also had SearchWiki which allowed us to promote, comment on and remove results, there was also SideWiki and then stars in search for marking your favourite results – all of which have flopped.

So will Google +1 succeed and become a part of how we search?  In short, I don’t think so.  Google should stick to what it does best, providing unrivalled web search - sharing, bookmarking, voting and social features are best left to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and the like.

12 Apr 2011

For those of you involved in e-commerce, here is an interesting idea for your Facebook strategy.  Whilst there is no denying that Facebook has its place in engaging users and sharing content, this article comes from a different angle and explains that Facebook needs to be much more hard hitting.

Research shows that it’s all about the more.

Facebook blog image

Source – statistics from eConsultancy

31 Mar 2011

Wickedweb's partner network keeps on growing!

We are very excited to become a certified partner of Sitecore, a very impressive .NET Web Content Management System that we can now offer our clients.  Sitecore's offering continues to dominate a leading position in the market and we look forward to building award winning solutions for our clients using this platform.

In Gartner's Magic Quadrant report, Sitecore was identified as a leader in it's field - "The usability of Sitecore's offering continues to be one of the best within the market and is highly acclaimed by the many different user types that work with the solution".

This content-based CMS is a fully integrated platform including additional modules such as the Online Marketing Suite, Email Campaign Manager, SEO, eCommerce, Analytics and Intranets.  Wickedweb's developers are keen  to work their magic with this platform as it gives our clients a creative, cost effective and scalable solution.  It can be implemented in both B2B and B2C, and although smaller companies have reaped the benefits, it is particularly suited to large design and build projects.

Not to mention, clients will find Sitecore a joy to work with due to its unrivalled ‘Best in Class' status for usability.

Call us to find out more about this Sitecore Partner platform – 0207 183 4999.

14 Feb 2011

Not one but two of Wickedweb's clients are nominees in tomorrow night's CIM Marketing Excellence Awards at Grosvenor House.

Bedales School is entered in the Not for Profit category and is in fact "the only school in the country to have been singled out by the judging team of expert theorists and industry professionals as delivering marketing excellence and making an exemplary contribution to the profession."

EC Harris, the global Built Asset Consultancy has been entered into the Professional Services category for its recent Positive Outcomes integrated campaign. Wickedweb worked with EC Harris last year to create a digital variant of the PO#2 publication.  The publication is eye-catching creatively and the challenge was to translate this iconic piece into digital. You can see the final outcome here.

Good luck to Rob Reynolds and Javier Nieto of Bedales and EC Harris respectively. 

The CIM is the leading international professional marketing body, maintaining, developing and setting the marketing industry standard. 

Read more about the CIM awards.

9 Feb 2011

Our clients regularly ask us 'what is the point of social media?', or tell us 'we won't use Twitter we don't see the point.' ...

It's not all about just Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. There's a whole host of conversation taking place across the world which the image below illustrates. The key element is to grasp and understand where you audience is, and what they are saying about a brand and it's products.

Open your mind to the Conversation Prism ...

social media conversation prism 2011-02-09.jpg

2 Feb 2011

The Dentistry Show is now in its 2nd year of working with Wickedweb and has just launched their reskined site in the run up towards their 2011 event. The Dentistry Show is a free two-day conference and exhibition for dental professionals, offering over 55 speakers, 5 conference streams and more than 200 suppliers.

The perfect event to visit to gain added knowledge, products and services within the dentistry industry.


1 Feb 2011

I’m sure you have all heard about the big shake up of the NHS in the news these last few weeks. Soon local GP’s will have the ability to source their drugs and equipment privately, rather than the NHS dictating where supplies should come from.

Closer Still Media have jumped on these changes and have launched The Commissioning Show. The show is pioneering, not only giving private medical companies a platform to sell to GPs but also offers support through seminars and workshops etc. to GP’s, PBCs, practice and PCT managers as well as stakeholders and allow visitors to expand their knowledge and engage in new partnerships, sourcing the best suppliers they can get hold of consequently creating a much higher quality healthcare system. 


13 Oct 2010

One of our CMS partners, Alterian, a leading marketing platform provider, has launched a new Alterian Content Manager, known as ACM, and we are pleased to announce that Wickedweb has pioneered the integration of the system for global client, Bluefin Solutions.

The first website to launch on the platform since its introduction, Wickedweb is leading the way with Alterian Content Manager, Professional Edition (ACM-p).  Developed in Microsoft environments in ASP.NET, our team of developers have been highly trained in the system and the site functionality reflects the platform's capabilities and our expertise, using new components such as blogs, tag clouds and customised subscriptions.

A key focus of the new suite of Alterian Content Manager products is to provide a world class solution for any budget and to suit all requirements.  To find out more about ACM Corporate, Professional and Enterprise, visit the website.


27 Sep 2010

The Glass House

The Glass-House Community Led Design is a national charity working with community groups across the UK to promote a wider understanding and practice of community led design.  The organisation provides free project support and design training to community groups who are leading regeneration projects in their area.  This includes projects focused on local housing, public spaces, community buildings, play areas, facilities for young people or entire neighbourhoods.

With a website that is underperforming and inconsistent brand communication online and off, Wickedweb's brief is to develop the brand identity, presenting new brand guidelines that demonstrate a clear understanding of the complex range of services the charity offers to communities across the UK and the varied audience that The Glass-House needs to engage.  Refreshing and clarifying the brand  to provide a set of guiding principles will ensure clear communications and successful marketing campaigns long-term.

Wickedweb's next focus is to develop the charity's digital strategy and reflect the new branding online to raise awareness and the profile of The Glass-House amongst key audiences, generate interest and new clients for The Glass-House’s paid services and encourage online donations through the Just Giving link. In addition, Wickedweb will deliver key benefits to the organisation's administrators, including an intuitive content management system (The Glass-House will be using the WickedwebCMS platform), enchanced data collection mechanisms to grow the subscriber database, exciting feature functionality and a superior hosting solution for maximum uptime and quick loading.

Check back soon for news on the website launch and more information about the WickedwebCMS modules that will deliver an impressive user experience.

6 May 2010

May 1st marked the start of our exciting new sporting challenge.  In a bid to get fit and tone up, a group of us have set out to swim the 22-mile cross-channel distance between Dover and Calais!

Fortunately however, no goose fat is required!  We'll be swimming the distance in our local pool, covering a total of 1416 lengths each in just 12 weeks.  Stuart, Kalli, Chris and I will be waving goodbye to our dignity as we don our speedos and goggles.  We'll be supporting each other on the outside, but are really in competition to be the first to cross the line.  Meanwhile, Denis will be attempting to show us all up, swimming to France and back in the same time!

You can keep track of our progress by checking our blog for updates, and watch out for our channel map showing the distance we've covered and who's taken the lead.

29 Apr 2010

London Vet Show Web design Award

We are delighted to announce that our entry into the IMA competition, under the category 'Events', has today won the IMA Outstanding Achievement Award with an impressively high score.

The London Vet Show, part of the CloserStill Media event portfolio, was a new event launched in 2009 and we partnered with the organisers to deliver a creatively refreshing and functionally exciting website for both the visitors and exhibitors alike.  In its inaugural year, exhibitor participation and visitor attendence exceeded expectations and 2010 stand sales are already well ahead of targets.  The presentation of the IMA award positions the London Vet Show event as an industry leader in the digital sphere too and we look forward to building on this brand success by enhancing the online experience further later this year.

The Outstanding Achievement award is the second highest honor bestowed by IMA and an extremely challenging award to win.  The London Vet Show website excelled in all areas of the judging criteria, including design, usability, content, functionality and cross browser compatibiity, and represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.  Click here to view our IMA awards gallery and find out more about the awarding body.

1 Apr 2010

Beachcomber Mauritius Holidays - All Inclusive Holidays to Mauritius

Wickedweb is delighted to be working with Beachcomber Tours, based in Guildford, managing their ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO).

The decision was based on Wickedweb's expertise in online marketing, especially SEO, with the added value of experience working with high-end luxury travel clients.

Beachcomber Tours are a specialist travel company and are one of the leading companies in the UK for Mauritius holidays.  The brief for Wickedweb is to achieve page 1 results in Google for the sector’s major search terms; whilst this is a big undertaking, Wickedweb are excited by the challenge and are confident that we can exceed Beachcomber’s expectations.

The first step in the project is keyword research and defining the Keyword Strategy. This will help to ensure the right phrases are targeted and maximum traffic can be achieved.

19 Mar 2010


Who has broken into 2010 with the biggest numbers online? No prizes for guessing that Google are number 1 for Search and Facebook are number 1 for Social Networks, but do you know the figures? In a recent report published by the Nielsen company I learnt that an astounding 8,169,550,654 searches were made using the Google search engine in January 2010: that’s 3,050 searches per second! Let’s not forget Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube; at number 6 in the list with 1,261,959,101 visits in January 2010, YouTube remains the market leader for online video sharing, and with Google’s backing I can’t imagine this will be changing anytime soon.

Nielsen’s report lists the top 100 websites visited in January 2010, of which the BBC has then defined into categories. An interactive treemap of these figures can be viewed here. Most of the figures don’t seem to come as much of a surprise, and I’m glad to see that the big internet players of the 90’s are still going strong (e.g. AOL, Amazon and Yahoo!). However what did come as surprise to me was not finding MySpace in the list. Perhaps the social networking site has finally run its course? Or is being phased out by stronger competition?

It would appear out of all of the different sectors, Social Media is the fastest evolving and it will be interesting to see where everyone is positioned and how the numbers will change in next year’s report!

15 Mar 2010

This month sees the exciting launch of the new Wickedweb brand and reinforces a very positive transition into a more strategic digital marketing agency

Traditionally Wickedweb has been known primarily as a team of web design and build specialists but our continued growth over the last 18 months and  recent account wins with Ellas Kitchen, Watts International EC Harris, & Medway Council, sees Wickedweb leading on strategic digital planning and execution and results-driven tactics.

The brand has been given an injection of understated confidence and leadership and effectively repositions Wickedweb into a more strategic and consultancy-led arena.  It also allows for a shift to a more integrated focus as clients are looking for a wider range of activities across the marketing communications landscape that can be pulled together under the umbrella brand.

Wickedweb are proud of our award winning portfolio of work  and continue to push the boundaries for our clients with wicked ideas, wicked consultancy, wicked technology and wicked creativity.

Both the Agency and our Clients are set for great things over the next 12 months...

1 Feb 2010

Wickedweb is delighted to be working with Kings Hall and Kings College, both based in Taunton, Somerset, to design and develop the new Kings websites.

The decision was based on Wickedweb's expertise in the education industry (having designed and developed the Bedales and Roedean websites) Wickedweb's intuitive content management system with school specific modules and the agency's approach to user centered design.

The brief is simply to better communicate the ethos at Kings Hall and Kings College, capturing the strong sense of community and "inclusivity" coupled with excellence in academia, sport and the arts.  The website will be positioned as an internal communications tool to aid interaction between all the audiences at the schools, and a key sales and marketing tool to engage the external community.

The first step in the project is requirements capture meetings with the key stakeholders and user research focus groups to discuss the target audiences' needs and wants for the new websites.  This will ensure that the strategy and end result is perfectly defined and that the website delivers return on investment.

14 Dec 2009

Web design agency client - Vet & Pharmacy show

The success of two recent exhibitions organized by CloserStill Media is hugely significant, given the current economic climate, and Wickedweb is proud to have been a part such record breaking achievements.  The Pharmacy Show has just announced the highest attendance figures to the UK’s leading two-date training and education event, celebrating an increase of over 78% on last year.  The Vet Show too, in its inaugural year, enjoyed packed lectures, delegate attendance in excess of all targets and stand sales for 2010 are already at 40% higher than this year’s event.

Wickedweb contributed to these fantastic results through digital marketing consultancy and web design and development.  Taking the new brand guidelines for each event, we created websites that were fresh, vibrant and professional, and integrated them with the Wickedweb CMS platform and our event specific modules including exhibitor management, showguide entry form, seminar and conference timetable and book an appointment facility.  The CMS provided intuitive administration control to the event organizers and even allowed a variety of users - the keynote speakers, clinic consultants and exhibitors – to manage their own pages too.

30 Nov 2009

Wickedweb has recently completed a move to its new uber-stylish and glamorous office in picturesque Sevenoaks. Managing Director Stuart Wells comments, "The move to Sevenoaks is fantastic for our clients. We now want to really up the client relationships and become even more of an integrated marketing agency than ever before. With the additional space and more creative environment, clients are all set to see an improved difference in the way we operate and the value we bring to client accounts."

Located just off Sevenoaks High Street, Wickedweb is now within easy reach to the mainline station, and just 25 minutes away from London Bridge. The team is also enjoying the close proximity to the shops, making Christmas shopping much easier at lunch, and the restaurants, making our wallets lighter, and our waist bands tighter! Its easier than ever for us to travel to our clients, and we look forward to welcoming you to our shiny new pad soon.

Click here to get directions to our new Sevenoaks office.

9 Oct 2009

Wickedweb Polictics Show

This week Wickedweb's online marketing manager was interviewed by the BBC's The Politics show. With lots of talk on the 2010 general election and how to win voters, The Politics Show was interested to talk with a leading digital marketing agency regarding social media.

Wickedweb manage a range of online marketing projects including social media engagement. With a strong focus on strategy, Wickedweb was able to advise on what works and what doesn’t on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The show will be aired at 12.00 on Sunday 11th October 2009 on BBC 1. After the show has appeared on TV the show will be available via the BBC iPlayer.

If you are interested to find out what social media can do for you please contact Wickedweb today on 0207 183 4999 or use the contact form.

17 Sep 2009

New Web Design for Bag Happy

Last month we celebrated the launch of the Bag Happy website, which sells fashion and designer handbags for all occasions. The design positions the website as trendy and fashionable, matching the stylish products, and with a focus on traffic driving through PPC, it is our hope that the business will grow and new lines will be added in the run up to Christmas.

29 Jun 2009

Interactive Media Award logo

Wickedweb has been awarded the Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Schools category for the Bedales Schools website.  The Outstanding Achievement award is the second highest honor bestowed by IMA and an extremely challenging award to win.  The Bedales Schools website excelled in all areas of the IMA judging criteria which included design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility to win in June 2009.

Award Winning Web Design for Bedales

The award recognizes Wickedweb’s expertise and in-house capabilities to balance a well-conceived design with a message that is targeted and on-brand, and present content in an engaging manner for users. It also demonstrates Wickedweb’s confidence in developing functional features that harmonise the user’s journey and strict compliance with best practice web development standards. Finally, as stated by the judges, the award represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.

To view our certificate, click here. And to launch the Bedales Schools website, click here.

26 May 2009

IAC award for Digital Marketing Agency

Wickedweb was recently presented with the 2009 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising. The IAC recognized Wickedweb's digital marketing excellence by awarding the marketing agency with 'Best Retail Email Message Campaign' for Miss Sixty, which was always on brand and consistently delivered open rates 30% above the industry average. Judging criteria included creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting and use of the medium and Wickedweb is delighted and proud to win the award for excelling in all of these categories.

19 Feb 2009

Wickedweb celebrated the new year in style, with a new account win! Beam Global Distribution, and Notorious (a Publicis company) awarded Wickedweb the contract to deliver the Teacher's 2009 digital strategy, after a competitive three-way pitch. The activity involves the development of a new website, a social media marketing campaign and online marketing, but we can't give away too much yet... enjoy a whisky on us, and watch this space... Click here to find out more.

17 Feb 2009

Wickedweb digital marketing agency is pleased to announce that we are now registered as ISO 9001 certified, which is testament to our proven quality assurance processes. Certified by QMS (Quality Management Systems), our business management skills have now been recognised as meeting the highest of customer requirements. Our quality assurance processes focus on setting our customer's expectations throughout a project, and never failing to meet them. They include approval phases at every stage and the development of a highly detailed technical specification document. Feedback request forms are distributed at the end of each project as we now actively seek our customer's comments, from which we can learn and continually improve our service. Our ISO 9001 certification is valid for 10 years from today and this will ensure our high standards are maintained, benefitting all of our clients and emphasising our position as one of the leading digital agencies in the UK.

5 Jan 2009

Web design client - Mitre

Wickedweb's first website launch of 2009 was the all new Mitre website. With a high profile in the sporting world, this marks one of Wickedweb's most famous developments to date, and what a way to start the new year!

Mitre web design screens

The new website features a strong, modern web design, improving the Mitre brand communication online. The user journey is clear and we've delivered a complete technical solution, integrating our Wickedweb CMS platform and building an international extranet system for Mitre's global partners. We are also pleased to be working on Mitre's international search engine optimisation, helping to develop organic traffic too.

Visit the new Mitre website

17 Dec 2008

Following a competitive 8-way pitch, Wickedweb has recently been appointed as the preferred digital marketing agency to Bedales Schools, the independent school based in Hampshire.  The digital agency has already started to develop an innovative and engaging digital solution that will position the Schools in a league of their own, undertaking user research focus groups and conducting telephone interviews to capture the target audience requirements and preferences. 

There are three Bedales Schools - Dunannie, Dunhurst and Bedales - catering for ages 3 to 18. Founded in 1893 as a liberal alternative to the rigid and authoritarian regimes prevalent in independent schools, Bedales has just introduced a new Prospectus which captures the schools' unique selling points - the dynamic and creative culture, the caring personality and the broad and imaginative approach to learning.  It also conveys the breadth and quality of the schools' offering, including the unique mix of 21st century teaching methods and traditional hand-craftsmanship skills including bread baking and outdoor work, with enthusiasm.

The key objective of the web design brief is to capture this same sense of energy, diversity, spirit and quality online, as well as introducing an improved user journey and enhancing functionality for the target audiences, which is why Wickedweb's user centred web design process offered the perfect fit.  Following the focus group research and persona creation, which has involved students, parents, governors, staff, and alumni, Wickedweb is working on the user experience strategy, information architecture and web design. 

Bedales Schools will be running on the Wickedweb content management system, which provides the web editors and contributors at the school freedom to update and manage their own website and both internal and external communications.  Following the initial launch, which will see the introduction of a dynamic events calendar, a 'My Bedales' login area for the parents to view their child’s timetable and progress reports online,  the 12-month development plan includes webcams, multimedia content, a staff directory and a virtual school tour, creating a fully interactive solution.

With plenty of time spent in the classroom, soaking up the informal and innovative atmosphere at Bedales, the Wickedweb team are enjoying being back at school... we're off to the canteen!

10 Dec 2008

Duostream Technology, an IT service and support company focusing on the small to medium sector of the market, approached Wickedweb following a recommendation to the web agency, made by existing client, Polarmatrix. 

Duostream Website

The brief is to revisit Duostream’s online offering, providing web design consultancy for an improved website, as well as the delivery of a fully supported technical solution.  The business objectives are to raise awareness of the Duostream brand and the company’s services, as well as drive enquiries and sales.  The website is to act as an online brochure, selling the company in a credible and professional way through design and the user’s experience, and search engine optimization is key to ensuring prospective customers find the new website.  Wickedweb’s range of digital services ensured the web agency’s response to the proposal was spot-on and the team are excited to be involved with another modern and stylish web design.

Visit the new Duostream Technology website

23 Sep 2008

Wickedweb are celebrating being awarded the Mitre digital marketing account following a competitive three-way pitch. Mitre, part of the Pentland Group, were looking to appoint a new digital creative agency to develop the brand's online marketing strategy on an international level, and selected Wickedweb for the job because of the agency's approach to projects, strong creative credentials and detailed pitch presentation.

Work has already begun on scoping the strategy, understanding the business objectives and user requirements, and the next steps are wireframe development and creative designs. Both teams are enjoying working together and can't wait to pop a bottle of fizz or two following the launch of the UK website in December, just in time for Christmas!

11 Jul 2008

Proving that we're well and truly on a roll, Wickedweb has been appointed by the Premier Food Group to launch a new website for Rank Hovis, the UK's leading flour miller.

We've proposed a bold new  web design, and we'll be helping Hovis to rise through the search engine rankings with our own equivalent to self-raising flour, SEO.

We'll also be using our loaf to put together a flash animation of the workings of mill, and a recipe archive and fault-finder to help bakers in need of both inspiration and help.

We'll re-work the site's infrastructure, mix in our own bespoke CMS platform and then we'll serve it up in late September. It should be the best thing since...

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