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24 Jun 2010

If you don't want to know the score, look away now.

This is the first World Cup of the true Web 2.0 era. Back in 2006, we were only just cottoning on. So this year, a whole raft of innovative ways of watching have come about. Here's the best of them - from the sublime, to the ridiculous....

First off, a quick nod to the fact that you can watch this World Cup online in a multitude of ways. There's good old BBC iPlayer and the young upstart ITV Player - now with speeds fast enough to make online TV viable. If you prefer something a bit more, well, third party, then there's TV Catchup, or if you want a desktop app, there's Zattoo.

You can run your own world cup commentary on Twitter with the #worldcup hashtag, and then watch how the match unfolded online with The Guardian's, frankly amazing, Twitter Replays.

If you're enchanted by the haunting sound of Vuvuzelas, you can add them to any web page with Vuvuzela Time, or to any Youtube video by clicking the football icon.

If you've a mind to, you can even watch the coverage in Lego.



24 Jun 2010

London Vet Show - Homepage 2010

On 22nd July, The London Vet Show was presented with the prestigious award for the "Best Trade Show Launch" by the Association of Event Organisers (AEO).  The award ceremony, and the industry's biggest annual gathering, was held at Wembley on Tuesday evening and the award was presented by Alastair Mcgowan.

The London Vet Show topped the shortlist of six nominees, including UK and international events, and it was praised for the innovative concept and the superb execution of the inaugural exhibition, held in October 2009.  Wickedweb is delighted to have been a part of the event, working with CloserStill Media to develop the digital brand strategy and event website to impress both visitors and exhibitors and help deliver the impressive footfall in Olympia enjoyed by all at the launch show.

21 Jun 2010

Fairtrade Foundation - Use Your Head - Game

As the 2010 World Cup launched in South Africa, so our very appropriately themed football game for the Fairtrade Foundation went live.

Combining an addictive game mechanic to encourage play and increase the viral potential of the game, with an educational message to raise awareness of the benefits of buying Fairtrade South African wine for the workers in the wine growing regions, the ‘Use Your Head’ game works successfully on two levels.

With adverts scheduled to appear on Absolute Radio’s website in the coming weeks, and consumers’ heightening awareness of the inequality in South Africa (which can be attributed to the World Cup coverage), we expect the leaderboard to reflect the popularity of the game and are proud to be working alongside the Fairtrade Foundation at this vital time, leveraging the talkability of one of the world’s most awaited sporting events to raise awareness of unfair commerce in the region in the spotlight.

Turning the game design, flash development and database build around in just 1 week, to meet the client’s deadline, was no mean feat.  So, let us challenge you to our own game – see how many headers you can score and support Fairtrade with us. Play ‘Use Your Head’ now.

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