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Best in Class Ella's Kitchen

Consumer goods award winner

Wickedweb is delighted that the Ella’s Kitchen website has won the IMA Best In Class award for the category 'Consumer Goods'. This award is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards.

To win an IMA, a website must excel in 5 key criterion; design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance. It must also push boundaries in relation to creativity, innovation and flair, and rise above competitors.

The Ella's Kitchen website is a showcase for many reasons. From a design point of view the site is well conceived and developed, with quirky animation techniques greeting the user. The content has been carefully thought through and is appealing, engaging and well written against brand guidelines.

Not only does the site demonstrate the optimum use of colour, space and graphics, it is also rich in 'feature functionality'. The user tools, viral marketing aspects (such as the competitions) and 'Ella's Wacky Wheelbarrow' game have certainly contributed to this award win, and scored highly in the points allocation. In order to win this award, a website must demonstrate exceptional standards compliance and usability. The architecture and navigation elements were recognised as being excellent, ensuring the site flows smoothly and engages with the end user.

Wickedweb enjoy a continued relationship with Ellas's Kitchen, with many developments planned for the existing website and overall digital marketing strategy.

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